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Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 993a098d000260feb0a016796a5d50bb299b7da6 (38 files)
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APF-1393: Integrated wro4j for concatenating and minimizing CSS and JS

Marcin Zajaczkowski <szpak@users.sourceforge.net> committed 0f18da80c9f9ee8e75ab5a4b4331b8cd62ddcd88 (1 file)
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Merge branch 'master' into wicket-merge-try

Marcin Zajaczkowski <szpak@users.sourceforge.net> committed 04118607b92110f4a82fe1531b938d33cac34bc9 (2 files)
Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 3d4e3d178e7fcd306517f3f2229988d608587f31 (1 file)
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APF-1314: Added CSS_THEME back in for backwards compatibility.

David L. Whitehurst <dlwhitehurst@me.com> committed baa645d50fa8d9d9f0fd7f478072f18ba459b1c4 (2 files)
David L. Whitehurst <dlwhitehurst@me.com> committed f60f69e1019c3970060debb53ce779853f07b89b (37 files)
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Removal of CSS_THEME (constant) and it's use. See APF-1314.

appfuse APF-590
Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed a4fa17e590a41b445aba661dd0b51b6c40143c50 (2 files)
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Override decorators for JSF (to include a CSS file) and Tapestry (to exclude Prototype and Scriptaculous).

Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed cbf8932ea5895d25da900238c0fc215395a7801a (1 file)
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APF-1197: Fixed CSS for calender. Thanks to Pedro Burglin for the fix.

Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 745055fc27aa4b0bdbd1be81b9444c0c97cda44a (235 files)
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Playing with Grails: CSS Framework and Selenium Plugin

appfuse-light simplify-version-management
Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 785f80e2c17adea3a60f4deaa521639144987120 (3 files)
Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 53122b476725f1cbde6ae7ff12cf8c3044bfbdd0 (1 file)
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Fixed CSS for Tapestry validation errors (works great on Firefox, whitens entire background on IE)

Matt Raible <matt@raibledesigns.com> committed 3eafcfe0d24f4e0d49bea7517a21427472a6ee28 (2 files)