Release Notes - Struts Menu - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [SM-25] - VelocityDisplayer should use a VelocityEngine instance instead of the singleton Velocity
  • [SM-26] - tabs.css - submenum position
  • [SM-48] - CSSListMenuDisplayer doesn't handle correctly menu tags without location, action or page
  • [SM-50] - NullPointerException when using useMenuDisplayer tag without id attribute
  • [SM-51] - null values using CSSListMenuDisplayer
  • [SM-53] - CSSListMenuDisplayer does not render onmouseover attribute on parent <Item> elements
  • [SM-54] - useDisplayerMenu cannot display in weblogic version 8.1
  • [SM-57] - CSSListMenu produces invalid XHTML when a submenu contains items for which the user has no permissions to see
  • [SM-58] - VelocityDisplayer: Removing menu items for a particular role effects all users
  • [SM-61] - NullPointerException when using JSTL expression in URL without question mark
  • [SM-62] - Update documentation to reflect new location of globalMacros.vm


  • [SM-20] - DisplayMenuTag.parseString accept non-string variables

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